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Jessi Willeto

The first example that came to mind was the funerary mask of King Agamemnon, which was discovered by the german archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. He forced the narrative of that time to make those around him believe that this was the mask of the Greek commander Agamemnon and is even believed to have hammered out the mask in the 19th century style to fit his expectations. While this mask itself is believed to be authentic, the markings stronger markings of the eyes and ears are probably not. European archaeologists of that time had their own biases and narratives they wanted to push and this is no exception. Sir Arthur Evens incorrectly labeled the palace of Knossos as a palace, as modern scholars have found indications that it was for aristocrats. He also tried in vain to reconstruct the palace to his ideals, which again, have been proven by modern scholars as incorrect. His intentions were not terrible, but it is important to remain objective when observing pieces of history.