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Bob Hook

I think that their conclusion has continued to confuse and miss-represent the true meaning of the objects. Probably the most egregious of these acts is when Heinrich Schliemann altered a gold death mask to become The Mask of Agamemnon. Agamemnon was certainly well known through literature so this find would carry a great deal of prestige and recognition to the finder. Unfortunately, it is theorized the Schliemann did modify this funerary masks from that time. In addition, historians have now proven that this mask is 300 years older than Schliemann theorized. The handlebar mustache was added and does not match the Mycenaean fashion. It appears the attempts to defraud others was intentional.
I consider Sir Arthur Evans mistake in naming a building used by an aristocratic confederation as a palace far less concerning. I expect Sir Evans error was jumping to conclusions that a building of this size must have been attributed to the ruling class. His British heritage tells him that leaders live in palaces and would have led to this conclusion along with a modern-day name. Whether intentional or un-intentional these false conclusions delay the true meaning of the understanding of ancient cultures.