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I can’t help but see how the living in harmony with nature aspect of the Minoan culture when I see their art like the Honeybee pendant. Or The Master of the Animals pendant. Both include animals and are ornate and beautiful. It does give the impression that there was possibly more wealth in the Minoan culture and that they were a people group that respected nature and animals. Besides the jewelry much of the ceramics also portrayed animals and light-hearted aspects like the Octopus Flask. Being in touch with nature and having respect for it is also seen in some of the Mycenaean’s art as well. They have many ceramics with animals and plants as well and could be thought to have similar respects for the environment like the Minoan. The main differences in Mycenaean’s art does include art with more war themes like The Warrior Krater and The Lion Gate. It could be said though that both cultures had similar influences, but one chose to not embrace the conflicts and war in their art like the Mycenaeans did. In the case of The Warrior Krater, there is warriors on the jar, but honestly, they don’t look fierce or scary and they almost look cartoon like and light-hearted.