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Aubri Stogsdill

While it is nearly impossible to approach any subject or situation without a bias, it is clear that both Sir Arthur Evans and Heinrich Schliemann went into their discoveries with preconceived notions that may have had a great impact on out understanding of Minoan and Mycenaean culture. Evan’s reconstruction of the Palace of Knossos was pretty short sighted. Much of the reconstruction was based primarily off of his own ideas of what it would have looked like. The pillars, for example, were modeled after Greek Doric style, and there isn’t any proof that the Minoans would have used such columns. There is also questions about whether his team’s reconstruction of the frescoes was truly accurate. This slight alterations and creative liberties have had such an impact on our understanding of this culture, that we may not ever fully understand what is was that was lost. Schliemann also took a number of creative liberties within his discoveries, which are more potentially more harmful to our understanding of these cultures. He is believed to have altered the mask of Agamemnon in order to make is fit the 19th century understanding of the ancient culture. While this conclusion has been questioned, Schliemann’s biased opinion very well could have changed our understanding of a whole people group.