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Miranda Jackovich

The Minoan and Mycenaeans both had different lifestyles that we can recognize through their architecture and cultural styles. These cultural differences don’t necessarily mean they didn’t experience the same things such as conflicts. But their cultural outputs are none the less unique and beautifully filled with meanings. Mycenae in Peloponnese, Greece is built on a hilltop. Many theories consider that the Mycenaeans did this as a natural strategy of defense. Comparing this structure to The Palace Complex of the Minoans in Knossos, Crete. This palace was reconstructed and repaired for several centuries, giving signs of longevity to the site. Evidence also showed that the Minoans dealt with natural disasters such as a earthquake around 1700 BCE. The cypress tree trunks were inverted to stunt any growth, including being flexible to support the structure from another earthquake. Each of these cultures architecture were built with certain purpose to handle their unique situations. Without written records to tell us daily life we don’t know what stresses they experienced, but we can get a better perspective from what was left behind.