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One of the most remarkable traits of Ancient Egyptian culture is the religion. Even in the modern day people are fascinated with Egyptian gods and the culture around them. This devotion to religion is prevalent especially in art, be it writing, carving, ceramics, architecture, or burial ceremonies. These pieces of art act as a medium through which the people of this civilization express their beliefs. In many of these pieces, the gods themselves are represented, and are often named in written text as well, when heiroglyphics are translatable. The Palette of King Narmer is an excellent example, as though the piece is about Narmer, several gods are included. This is also greatly expressed in the funerary practices of leaders and respected members of society, through mummification and the architecture of the tombs themselves. These tombs, as well as the ceramics that contain organs and other valuables are designed for the purpose of guiding the dead to the afterlife, with many of the ceramics and writings depicting a large array of gods. These pieces of art provide a valuable insight into the relationship people had with their religion and the specific ways in which they practiced their beliefs.