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Miranda Johansson

Comparing the art of Egypt and Mesopotamia, there are certain similarities such as the importance and focus on wealthy people by making them larger and more prominent than common folks. There are also various animals and nature included in the artwork for symbolism of power, such as the image of Assurnasirpal II killing lions to show his strength as a hunter and the palette of king Narmer where he has attributes of a bull (the tail).
I would also think that Egyptian art seems to be more focused on the individual. Such as the various steles, as they look like a person’s storyboard of their life, or even the tombs with paintings to show the life that the individual had lived. Even the statues created in the likeness of people, such as the sitting scribe, that has such intricate facial and bodily details, that you can almost tell the kind of man this person once was. Or the statue of Akhenaten, that is so different from other pharaos – there is so much personality in these statues.
Egyptian art is also very focused on rituals and symbolism, and the significance these had to the people. This includes the importance and significance that the gods had in the Egyptians various aspects of life. There seemed to be a lot of time and spacial dedication to the gods.