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Tamara Toy

I feel like the reason Herodotus noticed that is because Egyptians at this time would appear to be high;y religious because religion was such a huge part of everyday life. Almost every piece of art is, in some way connected to the Gods. Artwork of the kings is in honor of the Gods, as the kings were considered to be a representation of the gods, themselves. As well, the heavy influence the afterlife held is another sign of the effect of religion and how it is represented in daily life. Temples in honor of the gods, burial shrines, burial masks, and gifts, are all part of the relationship between man and gods. Even something as benign as a perfume bottle is representative of eternal life. I feel that it would be difficult to define this evidence because it is so insidious in daily Egyptian life, that it would be difficult to separate it. Life is about the Gods and the afterlife. So, it is easy to follow that art would represent that with so many tombs, temples, and statues to show that relationship.