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Egyptians and Mesopotamians were similar as their rulers always had artwork depicting them as being chosen to rule by a deity, as seen in the Mesopotamian Stele of Hammurabi, in which the god Shamash is directly giving him power, and in Egypt’s Akhenaten and His Family, which shows the sun god, Aten’s, rays reaching directly toward Akhenaten and his wife’s nostrils, giving them the breath of life. They also show similarities by building massive structures such as pyramids and Ziggurats, although the pyramids were more aimed towards burials and the afterlife rather than showing the amount of power the ruler had. Egyptian artwork has a heavy emphasis on the afterlife and final judgment, as seen in the Books of the Dead while Mesopotamian artwork didn’t seem to have much regarding their afterlife. Toward the new kingdom, we also see a lot of preservation from the Egyptians as they buried their rulers in gold deep in their tombs with scrolls, as well as many other goods, to guide them through to the afterlife.