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Aubri Stogsdill

While there are many similarities between the art found in Mesopotamian culture and Egyptian culture, there are a number of distinctions that make the difference in priorities and value systems between these two cultures very clear. While art was used in both cultures to demonstrate the superiority of rulers and their connection to the gods, there is a significant focus on death and the afterlife in Egyptian art that is not emphasized in Mesopotamian art. Many years were spent preparing burial places for Pharaohs. Over the course of their rule there was a constant, heavy emphasis on preparation for the after life. This can be seen in particularly well in the art found within the pyramids. Detailed descriptions of spiritual journeys, directions, as well as needed supplies could be found in the pyramids. Both cultures made sure to communicate that their leaders were connected closely with the Gods. And example of this in the Meso culture is the Stele of Naram-Sin. Naram-Sin is placed near the gods and is displayed as being an elevated conquer. While this sort of elevated rank as evidenced by sheer size and proximity to deities is also seen in Egyptian art, the biggest distinction emphasis and general valuing of the afterlife by in Egyptian art, that is evidently lacking in Mesopotamian art.