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Rachel Nelson

I liked how through your answer was Valene! I think perhaps the sacrifices may have been not just religious in nature, however, but also a way of using fear to control the kingdom’s inhabitance and sending the message that the leader’s power was supreme and divine. Although I’m sure these human sacrifices were shown to be entirely religious in nature on the outside, I think it a distinct possibility if one was on the king’s bad side, the honor of being sacrificed might find its way onto their schedule. Also, it seems hard to believe, even in a culture so steeped in religion, that years of strenuous physical labor would occur willingly. Therefore, I would argue that slave labor was most likely, future backing up the opinion that the most productive and obedient workers were most likely not the ones who were killed sacrificially. It’s interesting to contemplate how conceded and apathetic a ruler would have to be to build great monuments without lifting a finger to assist in its completion. Although, if one thought they were truly divine and appointed by the gods, perhaps the suffering and death of others would really seem a trivial matter. I guess we will never know.