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I think that Egyptian and Mesopotamian culture both placed heavy emphasis on the gods part in everyday life, such in gods giving the kings the right to rule, and the celebrations for the gods. Both cultures were devoted to creating magnificent structures for the gods, some of which would take lifetimes to create. I think the main difference between the two cultures was the significance of the afterlife, for example the purpose of the enormous structures differed greatly. While the in the Mesopotamian culture the kings would build elaborate structures to show their power given to them by the gods, the Egyptians built structures similar in the magnitude of their size and elaborateness, however they were using tombs. or funerary homes. Instead of creating monuments to show their power, the Egyptian kings would construct extensive tombs filled with items to help them pass into the afterlife. The great pyramids are an example, also the funerary complex of king Djoser. Even the lower ranking officials would represent the importance of the after life as we see in the Funerary stele of Amenemhat. So again, I think the biggest difference is the significance of the afterlife in Egypt, after all just look at the books of the dead.