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Miranda Johansson

I think it is very interesting how pictures show rulers and nature all around them. For example the Ishtar gate, where there are lions, bulls, and dragons walking along the sides of the gates. As this gate served as the entrance to Babylon, it is almost as if it was claimed that these mighty creatures were guarding the gateway to the city. Even the panel of Assurnasirpal II killing lions, these picture is for showing his strength and that he is above might and strong creatures such as lions. The Great Lyre with the Bull’s head even seems to show a way that nature in a sense “worships” or serves the needs of humans with a high social stance. The images on the lyre shows various animals taking place in the burial ritual, as if they were honoring the deceased.
<br>It seems as if it were common for rulers to use animals as a way to show their significance, strength, and capabilities as leaders. And this is something that continues on today. Look at the United States, for example, where the eagle is used to represent the nation. The eagle is a bird with significance, strength, cunning, and beauty, and by using this as a representation is a way of saying that the US is equal to the eagle.