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Sam Saccomen

This week the Assurnasirpal II Killing Lions was a great example of how kings used art to portray bravery and power. Kings used art forms to visual show what it was like to be a king. People respected these kings and often times were willing to give up their lives in honor of the king. Often in these times, Kings were looked as just below or equal to the Gods. A king able to kill a lion proved power and bravery such as a God would. Just like today people want to feel safe and feel as if those in charge are not taking advantage of them. The art work was a great way to show the people that the king would protect them against everything. This allowed citizens to give the kings their full trust and live to love the King. The kings continued to portray themselves as these Gods and grew to be some of the most famous kings of all time. Without these visual representations of the kings, we may not of been able to visual remember them.