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Maggie May

The relationship between the Egyptians and their gods is exemplified in the magnitude, quantity, and significance of the art they created. They created art which demonstrated the social order, which placed the gods at the top and leaders on the next tier. This is exemplified in the Funerary Complex of King Djoser, a complex for the burial of the king, the king’s family and officials. It also included a space for the festival of Sed, which would divinely renew the power of the king. They also created magnificent, significant art such as the Great Pyramids to appease the gods, which demonstrated their devotion and the value they placed on their spiritual systems. They also spent copious amounts of time and energy reflecting on the spiritual aspect of their existence and the afterlife, as exemplified in the burial of significant or wealthy individuals with many supplies or artifacts such as the tombs of Beni Hasan, which modeled residential settings so as to be a comfortable dwelling place in the afterlife. The Egyptians were indeed a deeply religious people.