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Tamara Toy

I really do like your point about the Lion Man sculpture. That makes a lot of sense that the reason that it was standing as a man, but with the features of a lion as a way to say that the artist saw these two somewhat as equals. That really makes me think about how we attempt to decide on the meaning of art but it really is subjective, as we, the viewers, have no idea what the artist’s intentions or inspiration had been. I think that effort is a by-product of modern life because we can research most modern artists to find their muse, but when it comes to prehistoric art it really becomes so much more difficult. Was it because they didn’t understand something? Maybe they had seen a deformed lion, so this piece was a means to try and understand what they had witnessed. Maybe it was meant as a toy for a child or used to represent a part of a story. The possibilities are endless but as you stated, we will never know their intentions, sadly.