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When I look at these paintings and sculptures and then get asked “What do the pictures mean,” I am immediately drawn to the conclusion that they were created as a way for the people of that time period to share what they saw and experienced. It was a way for them to preserve their history and tell a story. It also could be a representation of what they thought was important enough to create an image of it. For instance, there were multiple sculptures of women and that leads me to believe that they held women to a certain standard and they may have created the sculptures to show future generations what a women in that era may look like. There was also a lot of cave drawings, paintings, of animals and even a sculpture of a lion standing as though it were a man. This sculpture could mean that in that time period, they viewed animals to be just as important as man and that maybe there was a type of connection to one another. It could also be their interpretation of being reincarnated from a man to an animal such as a lion. There are many different ways we can interpret these pictures but we will never truly know the true intention behind their creation.