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Kaylyn Kelly

Today, pictures and art have a different kind of meaning then back in the prehistoric era. In the prehistoric era art could of had many roles to help the people with life events. The art of our generation is about expressing creative feelings and emotions but the prehistoric area had more meaning behind it in my eyes. The purpose of the art could be for communication because there was no language at the time and communication was not as easy as it is now. Being able to paint images for individuals would be able to help with teaching life lessons. Stories could also be told from the art and it could be passed on from generation to generation. In the prehistoric area people could also mark places they have been with art work. This could help them mark territory, warn others, and mark where they have been to remember how to come back if traveling. It could be used to map their surroundings. Art had a different purpose in my eyes back in the prehistoric area. There are still similarities with todays art and prehistoric art but there is still a big difference in the both.