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Celina Batchelder

Prehistoric art may have an abstract element to it, but I wouldn’t necessarily call all of it abstract because it still does depict firmly what it was attempting to. Some prehistoric art, such as the Lion Human, and some cave depictions, are certainly abstract in nature. I think the abstract aura that prehistoric art gives off may just be an element of the style back then, or it could be from the tools they had to work with to create their art. For example, when we want to draw an animal, like a buffalo for example, we can look at images of buffalos in books, look at images online or even look up other art. The prehistoric people had their memory to go off of, and they used that when constructing (unless they had a deceased animal nearby – I supposed this could be an exception). For the woman sculptures, we can definitely tell that they are women, however, even though we are able to find preserved remains, etc., we will still never truly know for an absolute fact what the average human looked like, so there’s no way to truly tell if these are abstract of not.