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Lacey Miller

The idea of abstraction during prehistoric times is actually fun to think about. If we think about cave paintings, many of them seem to be a means of communicating a plan, likely these artists were drawing as they were telling. Not many can throw out a quick realistic drawing of what we are discussing, time likely attributed to the abstract nature of these. As far as the sculptures of that time go, I imagine their tools and materials were rather limited. Simplistic is often more sturdy. Also maybe their societal ideals were represented in these pieces. The same way we “value” certain physical attributes and portray them in our art, isn’t that also abstract?
Or maybe they were a little bit dumb. Maybe their instinctual need to survive weighed so heavy that their brains could develop in the areas that ours can and do. Maybe math has really hooked us up, I mean proportions are super duper and used constantly in attempting to create realistic art.