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Allie Eby

I think it would be safe to say that the function of most prehistoric art was greatly dependent on the context of its creation, which we as modern humans unfortunately have little to no way of knowing. I personally believe that creativity, imagination and the resulting desire to create and innovate are inherent human characteristics, and have been since the evolution of modern humanity (and perhaps even before that within communities such as the Neanderthals). To me, it seems very likely that some of the works like the Lion Man were used as representations of a character or deity for the purposes of storytelling. I think that these stories could have been spiritual, moral or even purely creative in nature. However, other works such as the bison relief sculptures and illustrative cave paintings could have served as educational tools, perhaps as models to indicate to young hunters what they were hunting and where on the animal to strike, etc.. It is even possible to me that some of the female figurines are not deific or spiritual, but in fact could serve as extremely early examples of pornography. Again, without proper context, it is very difficult for anyone to know for sure.