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What is Art? Choose a definition that you disagree with and one that you see merit in and tell us why.

The definition of Art that I disagree with is “Creative activity resulting in the production of paintings, drawings, or sculpture.’ I disagree with this definition because art is much more than just paintings and drawings. It can be a poem that someone writes or a novel. Art can also be a way someone stages an open house for someone selling a home. How are those art? Because it is something creative that someone saw and created. When a poem is read, we create an image, the “Art’ if you will, in our minds. When we tour the open house, we see the creative eye that someone else saw. In my opinion, Art is more than just a picture or sculpture in a room.
The definition of Art that I believe has merit is “Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.’ Because as I stated previously, Art is much more than just a picture of sculpture. It is something that we as individuals create and then share with one another. Its music, movies, books, poems, paintings and photographs. Art is how we see the world and then interpret what we have seen.

What is Art History? Why do we study the history of art? How does it help us understand the world in which we live?

Art History is just that. The study of Art and its development through the years. We study Art’s history because it shows us how we have evolved and changed through time. You hear the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,’ and I believe that can be used for all forms of art. Each piece of Art we study has its own story to tell or even a secret to reveal that we may not find anywhere else. The history of art allows us to learn about what resources a certain time period may have had access to or the art may show us what type of people were important. We can learn about what people wore or how they spoke. We can learn so much from Art that would otherwise be lost without it.