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Aaron Topkok

1} “Art is work.” – Frank Albinder
I partially agree with this because art takes a lot of time and effort to make. Working hard definitely can make art. To some people it’s their job to make art. they make a living off of it. Without art people will have nothing, because art is how we show affection. Art can take us out of reality and give us creativity of our own world. We need to work for it though. That is how some people feel about art and I agree with it.
“Art is a constant struggle.” -Carmen Aiello
I disagree with this because art can become natural. Once you get in the flow it seems easier. I’ve been in the Pavva Inupiaq Dancers for 20 years. since I was a baby. At first I had struggles but once I practiced more it got easier.
2} Art History
Art history is the study of art from long ago possibly in their natural place. We study art history to experience what humanity was long ago. We experience the evolution throughout the centuries.