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Aalieyah Creach

1. What is Art?
Simple definition of Art is a way for people to express themselves through creative outlets. Whether it be through music, panting, sculpting or even dancing. This is something I completely agree with because art is an amazing way to express yourself when words fail you. I didn’t really find a definition that I disagreed with for what is art. They were all pretty spot on with what I think art is.

2. What is Art History?
Art history is as the definition states, the study of history and development of painting and other visual arts. We study it because it allows us to discover and understand past techniques and the different forms or art they used as compared to the present. Studying the art of history helps us to understand what happened in the past because people where able to document important times in history through their art. Whether it be mistakes a past president made or war they were able to help us in the future learn about the past through the stories in their art.